Topic outline

  • Not to be forgotten

    Our goal with the R2SBA Showcase is to put our vision and words into action! The Recreation To Sport Bowling Association has been created to provide a working model of BowlU initiatives. This allows everyone an opportunity to experience everything in action. Our everyone ... anywhere ... anytime mission is to create participation opportunity and a development pathway without limitations.

    • So you know

      Our goal is to work with everyone within the industry. At no time do we want to be in competition against anyone. We respect the position of those within the industry and the challenges that go along with trying something new and different. For that reason we have chosen to showcase our vision and initiatives in hope that we can work with the industry to implement productive growth and development.

      • Structure & Definition

        is essential to give everyone an opportunity to work on parallel pathways. The foundation of everything is an improved definition and understanding for the sport of bowling. 

        “Tenpin bowling is a competitive sport which involves the objective of knocking down bowling pins with a bowling ball while navigating an invisible course on a bowling lane with varying challenge levels and constant transition"

        With that definition in mind, we can create a pathway of development from recreation to the highest level of sporting competition. To encourage participation at the recreational level it is advisable to be easily accessible and affordable. To be competitive in the sports entertainment industry we must create a product that entertains all types of viewers and challenges the skills of the sport. When we are satisfied with those two requirements we have improved business opportunity, but to maximize growth potential we must create and manage the pathway in the middle.

        Presently our definition and structure does not have everyone working on parallel pathways, the present product offered to viewers looks too much like recreation, there is too much confusion on what it takes to get better, and there is no organized pathway to the highest levels of our sport.  

        R2SBA will showcase a working model and invite others to support the cause and add their expertise to create a rewarding future for all. 

        • We want to keep it simple

          so our vision is easily understood and adaptable to environmental circumstances. We will unlock further details as needed.

          We encourage anyone who wants to support and participate in R2SBA opportunities to contact