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    It's one thing to talk about growth and development ... it's another thing to show it. The R2SBA Showcase is your opportunity to experience everything "BowlU" in action.

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      Our goal with the R2SBA Showcase is to put our vision and words into action! The Recreation To Sport Bowling Association has been created to provide a working model of BowlU initiatives. This allows everyone an opportunity to experience everything in action. Our everyone ... anywhere ... anytime mission is to create participation opportunity and a development pathway without limitations. 

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      • Initiatives

        The Recreation to Sport BowlIng Association is our way to showcase BowlU vision. We are focused on providIng a working model, so everyone can see and judge for themselves. We encourage your support and participation to create a brighter future for our sport. Below is a list of links to the R2SBA initiatives for 2020.

        • Competition - Nothing makes sense until we have created a large participation pool and from that pool we create opportunities that meet the competitive desire of individuals. Competition that proves the skill levels of our sport. R2SBA will showcase competition that provides opportunities that challenge every skill level of our sport.
        • Athlete Development - Focused on providing a complete development program that provides opportunity for all. We are going to showcase how we can make this program available to everyone ... anywhere ... anytime.
        • Coaching Development - Focused on providing a modernized coaching program that will improve participation and motivate next level development. 
        • Theoretical Understanding - Making sense of why we do what we do. Showcasing how all of the pieces of the puzzle fit together 
        • Strategic Evolution - Everything in life is constantly changing, including our sport ... How do we stay up with those changes? By understanding “what it was” to “what it is”  to "what it can be". R2SBA will keep it simple and clear up the strategic pictures in a way you never thought possible.
        • Proper Recognition - Effective development requires proper recognition for those who show passion, artistic abilities, strong work ethic, and productive teamwork. R2SBA is focused on proper recognition for those that prove the efforts that will take our sport to its greatest potential.

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