• Purpose

    Sport Professional Category

    is a tiered structure of performance based on proven performance levels (greater financial potential)

    • Sport Professional Teams include all Sport Professional Exempt Field members plus 2 franchise choices, for a total of 5 players. The guidelines for team participation is as follows:

      • All Teams will represent a location to be approved by the Sport Professional Team committee
      • All Teams will be owned and operated by a Team Management staff independent of Sport Professional Team committee and its organization
      • Each Team must stay within the guidelines of Sport Professional Team organizing rules including:
        • qualifying player rules
        • salary cap restrictions
        • tampering rules
        • gambling rules
        • competition rules
      • Each Team must abide by sponsorship rules and fees of Sport Professional Team organization
      • Each Team must abide by Trade and Draft rules of Sport Professional Team organization
      Competition for Sport Professional Team will consist of 22 teams (66 Exempt field players plus 44 ownership choices) Format of competition follows Standard Showcase 3-Man Baker rules and regulations unless special sponsorship tournament is presented and approved by Sport Professional organization.
      The 22 teams will be divided into 5 conferences (3 conferences of 4 and 2 conferences of 5) Each team within a conference will compete against each other team in their conference 5 times during the season. with the conference champion and 2 wild card teams advancing to the playoffs. The team with the best record will receive a bye while 6 other teams enter into a Playoff bracket competition. Where there will be a best of 5 Home and Away competition (2 at the higher seeds home / 2 at the lower seeds home / finals at the higher seeds home if necessary)

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