• Purpose

    Sport Professional Category

    is a tiered structure of performance based on proven performance levels (greater financial potential)

    • General Outline of the Sport Professional Exempt Field

      Qualifying members of the Exempt Field must maintain a level of performance ability including:

      • Clear the Deck World Ranking format on all Exempt field patterns (17 / 32 / 39 / 43 / 46 / 48.5)
      • The Exempt Field consists of 66 qualifying bowlers. Number of available "exempt spots" is dependent upon the exempt field expiration date. To maintain exemption the player must be within the Top 2/3 (44) of the exempt field points. Any player falling below 2/3 (44th position) after their exemption has expired is required to enter Qualifying competition against the following field
      • Top 20 Sport Professional International qualifying
      • Top 10 Sport Professional National qualifying
      • Remaining spots come from qualifying scores of Clear the Deck World Ranking on Sport Professional patterns (17/32/39/43/46/48.5)
      • Winning a PBA Tour event provides an  exempt tour card for a minimum of two years, with an extra year added for each additional win with a maximum of five years. Winning a Touring Players Championships event, The Tournament of Champions, the World Championships, the US Open, or the USBC Masters Tournament provides a three-year exemption.

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