Topic outline

  • Purpose

    Sport Performance Category

    is a tiered structure of performance based on proven performance levels (lower financial potential)

    • Goals for the Sport Performance category

      There are those that are very competitive by nature that want to challenge themselves and others at the highest level, but have no desire to make it their profession. The Sport Performance category is designed for those individuals. There are no previous requirements of qualifications to participate in the Sport Performance programs. As long as participants abide by the competition rules of the Sport Performance  category they are welcome to the program. Everything will be about higher intensity competition, challenges, proper recognition and performance points. We will monitor and record performance accomplishments without prioritizing money. This initiative helps separate the different attitudes at our higher skill levels. By establishing this category we present expectations and guidelines of participation. 

      • Clear the Deck World Ranking

        This allows the motivated bowler to compare their performance levels against the “bowling world” during open play and higher skill levels as they choose.

        • Monthly Standard Showcase Competition

          Month long qualifying using “Clear the Deck” provides opportunity to compete in monthly Put Up or Shut Up Match-play finals. This is an adapted version of what the Sport Professional competition is like. This program allows bowlers to work around their schedule and still participate at the highest level of competition. 

          • 3-Man Baker Clear the Deck Competition

            League and tournament competition that increases the energy in the building.