Topic outline

  • Purpose

    Sport Open Category

    is an increase of interest and challenge towards competitive opportunity without any development assistance.

    • Most will chose this route

      Most individuals are going to choose a pathway without instruction and on that path we want to share experiences that give opportunity that inspires productive growth. Competition initiatives that bridge the gap between recreation and sport are critical. Our sports image, messages and opportunities are created here. The first experiences into a competitive world sets the tone for all that follows we want to match and monitor the intensity levels of the Sport Open category. By defining the intensity levels we also establish what is to be expected and what is acceptable behavior, which eliminates one of our sports biggest roadblocks.

      • Competitive Instincts

        Development is directly related to an individuals competitive instincts. By giving valuable attention to the internal messages that guide us through all of life’s challenges we build a better future for our sport and the people involved in our sport. 

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        • Mulligans

          Alternative to handicapping. Developing bowlers need more opportunity not pins. I think we all understand that and are willing to accept the occasional “do over” is better than free pins. 

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          • Clear the Deck World Ranking

            Ranking the skill level and potential of athletes requires more than recording participation opportunities. While our sports competition formats evolve, we don’t have to delay. We can give individuals and teams an opportunity to monitor their potential and development by sharing BowlU’s World Ranking program. This program opportunity is easy to get started and is the perfect KPI (Key Performance Indicator) for our sport. 

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            • Bowling Experiences

              While there are the obvious reasons people seek challenges and competition they aren’t all healthy. The value of this initiative is to improve the health of our sport and the messages it delivers. When more people are competing “for all the right reasons” the bowling experience sells itself.