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    Like culture and art, recreational activities play an important role in communities. Their many benefits include improving the health and well-being of individuals, a temporary break or release from the daily grind, social interaction, and bringing communities together. Recreational activities may involve individuals, small groups, teams or open play competition and are relevant to people of all different ages, abilities and skill levels. Focus is more towards sociable interactions and less towards competitive results.

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      Bowling has been around for many years and has developed a reputation as one of the greatest participation sports in the world. If you want to know the tradition of our sport, you should experience its origin. Me against you on the same lanes at the same time. Who can knock down the most pins in a 10 frame game. You get 2 shots a frame and if you can knock all the pins down and get on a string there are bonus pins available.

      Record the pins you knock down each frame. If you knock them all down in one shot, it's called a strike, and bonus pins are added to your score. If you knock all the pins down in two shots its called a spare and bonus pin count is given based on how many pins you knock down on the first shot of your next frame. 

      The score gets a little tricky, but they (the originators) thought you deserved  bonus for filling frames. Filling frames wasn't very easy and striking made the fans go wild. Since striking wasn't very common, you can Imagine what it was like when a bowler got on a string of strikes. 

      A Strike adds 10 plus your next 2 shots, unless you strike again, then the originators added another frame count to your score. You can get up to 30 pins in a single frame. Strike every frame and you have a perfect game. To make the end of the game more exciting they designed bonus frames to the game. 

      It is a blast and the tougher it is to knock down the pins the more exciting it is.

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      • Bowling Sign

        The same as Traditional Singles but you get to add a friend to your team. It will add to to the fun and challenge you to bowl with and for someone else.

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        • Bowling Sign

          The Ultimate team format in my opinion. Everybody contributes to the same game score and you can bowl as many frames as the league decides. I prefer 3-Man Baker because everyone gets to throw 3 shots a game and then the team gets to decides who throws shots in the 10th.

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          • Bowling Sign

            This is what traditional team (league) competition looks like. There is a lot of team history with this format It makes good sense when the bowling center is trying to maximize participation numbers, time, and lane availability. 

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            • Clear the Deck

              "Clear the Deck" is the ultimate performance indicator for the sport of bowling. Because of this "Clear the Deck" is BowlU's competition format for our World Ranking program. The foundation version of "Clear the Deck" is a continuous frame scoring format where the open division allows you to bowl at any time and on anything you want. Scoring concludes after your 3rd Open frame, whether that takes 3 frames or never stops it is up to your performance. Scoring is very simple a Strike is worth 25 pins, a Spare is worth your first ball count plus 10, and an Open is worth the total pin count of your 2-Shots. We made a Strike worth 25 pins because 25 times 12 strikes matches the same score of Traditional bowling's Perfect Game score of 300.

              BowlU's Clear the Deck format challenges everyone and changes everything. Whether you are the competitor, the coach, the lane man, or the proprietor you will change the way you look at things. 

              "Clear the Deck" is very adaptable to competition desires by using any of the official Clear the Deck competition formats

              • Clear the Deck "World Ranking" format with a variety of recorded competition categories
              • Clear the Deck "Complimentary League" format that allows a bowler to participate using their traditional league performances
              • Clear the Deck "Strings" format which we use for match-play competition. The official Strings format includes 4 Strings of 12 frames consisting of 3 Guaranteed Frames, and 9 Performance Frames. Score for each of the first 4 Strings is concluded after the 1st Open during a Performance frame or 12 frames, whichever comes first. The 5th and final string is an endless string which allows the competitor to continue their score until they open. The winner of the match-play competition is a total pin count of the 5 Strings.

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              • Clear the Deck

                Share all of the great things about Clear the Deck with a friend.

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                • Clear the Deck

                  Trios creates more transition and requires good teamwork and communication.

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                  • Clear the Deck

                    The energy of the Baker format adds to the pressure and makes it even more exciting.

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                    • Put Up or Shut Up

                      All great matches are close going into the 9th and 10th frame. All we are doing is guaranteeing the match is close. It's dead even and it's time to Put Up or Shut Up. This format was designed for athlete development purposed, but it was so much fun we want to share it with the bowling world. The Official Put Up or Shut Up format is a match-play bracket format. The pace is fast and furious. Each match is a race to 2 sets with each set being a race to 4.

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