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  • Purpose & Attitude

    Recreation to Sport Bowling Categories

    When considering Participation Opportunities you should consider the purpose and attitude you want to participate with. Each competition is categorized within purpose categories  and a level of intensity to choose from. Lower intensity levels have a more relaxed environment and set of rules. As the intensity level goes up, you can expect to find more intense rules and attitudes.

    • Levels of competition

      Competition Levels

      Recreational - Purpose is recreation and leisure. Like culture and art, recreational activities play an important role in communities. Their many benefits include improving the health and well-being of individuals, a temporary break or release from the daily grind, social interaction, and bringing communities together. Recreational activities may involve individuals, small groups, teams or open play competition and are relevant to people of all different ages, abilities and skill levels. Focus is more towards sociable interactions and less towards competitive results.

      Sport Open - The purpose of the Sport Open level is an increase of interest and challenge towards competitive opportunity without any development assistance. Many of the best are the best because of an inner drive to succeed. The Sport Open level provides the challenges without training and assistance. This allows individuals to use their own desire and creativity to accomplish goals they set for themselves.

      Sport Development - The purpose of the Sport Developmental level is an increase of interest and challenge towards competitive opportunity with development assistance. The Sport Developmental level is designed to give guidance to those who want assistance. Sport Developmental is not based on a required skill level but an inner desire to stretch personal limits, maximize potential, and shorten the learning curve by sharing the knowledge and experience of those who are trained to help.

      Sport Performance - Purpose is a tiered structure of performance based on proven performance levels and lower financial potential. Choices are always a consideration in life and sport. There is no discredit for those who choose to take another path. No matter what pathway an individual chooses they will encounter challenges. The challenges on this pathway will be difficult and measured to allow opportunity and recognition at whatever level an individual chooses. Within the Sport Performance level the challenges taken are not based on financial reward.

      Sport Professional - "Without the stars the sky is empty." Having stars of a sport provides hope, motivation, encouragement, and purpose to many. This is a select group that will always be the minority. They should be the proven icons of our sport that only a few can achieve. No one is entitled to this level of achievement ... it must be proven. Upon that, R2SBA will create competition that challenges the skills of all who choose to be challenged. We wont give into weaknesses of any kind. Misfortune, adversity, disappointment, and hardship is to be expected. Those who succeed at the highest level will have proven and earned the right to be called the best of the best.

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