Topic outline

  • Foundation Star

    Foundation Training Level

    1-Star Certification

    Focuses on BowlU's Foundation Training theory and the The Common Messages we should all be sharing, 

    • 2-Star

      Priority Training Level

      2-Star Certification

      Focuses on BowlU's Priority Training routine and certifies the skills to manage BowlU's "To Be Ready" Academy

      • 3-Star

        Competition Coaches Training Level

        3-Star Certification

        Focuses on managing the competitive state of mind, technology, strategic game planning, & its application

        • 4-Star

          Development Coaches Training Level

          4-Star Certification

          Focuses on the skills of a Development Coach. This is an in depth understanding of "The Big Picture" and "Environmental Circumstances"

          • 5-Star

            Master Coaches Training Level

            5-Star Certification

            Focuses on planning, implementing, analyzing, monitoring, and adapting every aspect of development for an athlete, coach, and team program

            • 6-Star

              Doctoral Coaches Training Level

              6-Star Certification

              Focuses on BowlU program evolution where a program is designed, developed, and implemented. The 6-Star applicant will be the program manager of an initiative working closely with BowlU administration to insure the program is benefiting the growth of the sport and the development of its athletes.